About GearTracking

GearTracking is the ultimate app for tracking your sports gear usage. If you're a runner, cyclist or triathlete and serious about your gear; you simply need GearTracking.

Never again will you wonder if your running shoes need replacing, what was the last service you did on your bike, how many hours you spent on your turbo trainer, how old your helmet actually is or how many hours your wetsuit spent in the water.

The great thing about GearTracking is that it stores data on your device as well as in the cloud. So the app is responsive no matter your internet connection and you can use it on multiple devices and have the data synchronized.


What Type of Athlete are You?

Unless you run barefoot, we believe you can benefit from GearTracking features.


You are a Cyclist

You will be able to keep track of your bike servicing. For example, you can note when (in terms of both date and your bike’s mileage) you changed the chain or tires on your bike and thus have an idea when you will need another chain or what is the life expectancy of a particular tire model in combination of your riding.


You are a Runner

It’s not recommended to use running shoes beyond 800km or 500 miles. If you go significantly beyond this, you risk an injury. With GearTracking, you will always know how many kilometers (miles) you ran in your shoes and how much life you have left in them.


You do Various Sports

Of course, you are not limited to bikes and runners. Are you a triathlete who also does XC-skiing? You may want to track your shoes, bikes, helmets as well as wetsuit and skis. GearTracking has you covered.


GearTracking Features

Know your runners mileage

Don't risk injury by using your runners beyond their usefulness. Know exactly how many miles you have in each pair.

Keep track of your bike service

Ever destroyed a cassette and chainrings because you failed to change the chain in time, or got a puncture because the tire was worn out? You'll never make those mistakes again.

Free for Most People

10 pieces of gear or less? Free membership has you covered. Got more? Go for Premium and pile it on!

Synchronize your activities from cloud

So long you use a gps watch or something similar, you won't need to enter your activities manually.

Assign gear to an activity in seconds

You want your data but don't want to spend any extra time. We get it and we are the same.

Your Data is Safe With Us

GearTracking stores data on your device as well as in the cloud. If you break your device, all you need to do is to login to your account from your new phone.

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